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Boyarick Trainning does not guarantee the nonexistence of errors in the access to the Web, or in its content; supposing that publications of official character are mentioned or reproduced, this reproduction will have informative character merely having to consider to all the effects as valid the publication in its bulletin or corresponding official source.

Boyarick Trainning reserves the faculty to carry out, at any time and without needing previous warning, modifications and updates on the information contained to its Web or in its configuration or presentation.

Boyarick Trainning does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the Web and the services. When this is reasonably possible, it will previously notice the interruptions in the operation of the Web and the services.

Academy Pablo Aymá; excludes any responsibility by damages from all nature that can have to the lack of availability or continuity of the operation of the Web and the services, to the fraud of the utility that the users had been able to attribute in the Web and to the services, to the reliability of the Web and the services, and in particular, although not of exclusive way, to the failures in the access in the different webpages or from those from which the services are lent.

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The rights of intellectual property of the Web, as well as of its different contents are ownership of Boyarick Trainning.

It is final prohibited to realise any alteration of this page. Boyarick Trainning does not assume any responsibility that can be derived from manipulations or alterations nonauthorized. Boyarick Trainning does not grant to any license or authorization of use of any type on its rights of industrial and intellectual property or on any other property or right related to the Web, the services or the contents.

It is prohibited the total or partial reproduction of the contents of this Web without mentioning his origin or asking for express authorization for which. The nonauthorized use of the information contained in this Web, as well as the damages caused in the rights of intellectual and industrial property of Boyarick Trainning will give rise to the exercise of the actions that correspond and, if it comes, to the responsibilities that of this exercise are derived.

In the assumptions in that acceding to some of the pages or services of Boyarick Trainning it is necessary the collection of personal character data, one inquires that the same will be treated in compliance with which establishes relative the effective norm in the protection of personal character data and other norms of development, in agreement with which establishes the WARNING OF; PRIVACY; of this Web and to the consent that lo/la/los users must previously accept to carry out any type of communication with; Boyarick Trainning from this webpage.

The use of this webpage is in force by the Spanish law, regardless of the legal surroundings of /de usuario/a. Any dispute that can arise in the interpretation of these conditions will be solved in the courts of the place where it has determined his activity Boyarick Trainning.

Supposing that it facilitates his email address to us, it is understood that it is giving the consent and accepting this LEGAL WARNING and the WARNING OF; PRIVACY, because the same is used for the shipment of communications related to served or to give and to respond to their consultations or requests by Boyarick Trainning.

Boyarick Trainning in accordance with the effective norm in the matter of protection of personal existing regulation as well as character data (Statutory law 15/1999, of 13 of December) in the matter of services of the society of the information and of electronic commerce (Law 34/2002, of 11 of July), informs its present general conditions of use that are applied to all the operations conducted through Web: WWW.PABLOAYMA.COM

In agreement with law 34/2002 of ;€œServices of the Society of Information and the Electronic Commerce;€ in force from 2002 July, we communicated that this website belongs a:

Fiscal name:
Pablo Rubin Aymá

NIF of the society:
B ***

Address of the society

Telephone of the society:

Email address of the society

All communication with Boyarick Trainning. by any means or through its email address, or of the present forms in this ;€˜web site;€™; or to their ;€˜e-mail;€™, supposes the express consent because their personal data are incorporated to files ownership of Boyarick Trainning in the direction C/. ***

These personal character data will be dealed with in agreement with which it arranges Statutory law 15/1999, 13 of December, of protection of personal character data.

Therefore, the interested one will be able to exert straight of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition with respect to the personal data that consist in the expressed files, being able to revoke its consent in writing at any time.

For which they will be able to do it by means of written communication directed a:

Boyarick Trainning residing in C/. ***

or to the e-mail:

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