We take more than 20 of years of experience offering an integral service of pádel that guarantees a formation from the base to the high competition looking for to develop everything of the potential of each player by means of our methodology of customized training: P.A.System
For it we counted on a staff otherwise of 20 monitors distributed in 5 centers strategically located in Catalonia

Individual classes and in Groups. Initiation,
Advanced interval and

In the Pablo Aymà Academy we offer the possibility of knowing the monitors before making a decision. They see test of level without cost and you will receive a planning with the purpose of to know your objectives from the first day.
We have a staff of monitors of first level, not only at technical level, but also at personal and professional level. By means of our own methodology of education, created and designed to train players from the base to the high competition and with the guarantee of many years of experience and success, we will help you to learn, to improve and to develop all your potential in pádel

School adult
and minors

All our facilities count on school for adults and minors. We take more than 20 years forming young and adult from the initiation to the high competition turning us into a reference in the formation of players to national and international level.

Formation Monitors

Courses of formation directed to monitors, trainers, technicians and all that one that wants to begin in the education of pádel

We have 3 courses:
Course I: Formation and recycling. Qualification to give to classes to level players initiation and improvement.

Pretentious II: Technical improvement. It must as objective perfect the technique of the monitor so that it secures a correct execution of all the blows of pádel and has the necessary knowledge exceeds what battery of exercises to use for being able to teach each of them.

Course III: Formation for players of advanced level and competition
The duration of the courses is of approximately 16 hours school, all of them have a support multimedia, with the tool of the customized video of each technician and its respective report and once finalized, gives its respective in agreement diploma has made the formation in the Pablo Aymà Academy


Training for professional players

The competition in pádel of high level requires a type of specific training that includes technical, tactical, physical and psychological the aspects of the player raising clear objectives to short, half and long term…

We take more than 15 years of experience in the world of pádel of high competition with excellent results that guarantee it, having formed to jugadores/as that to day of today they have secured as important titles as Absolute Champions of Catalonia, Spain by equipment and being placed enter the first positions of the ranking of the Catalan Federation of pádel and World Pádel Tour in absolute Juniors category and

School of Pablo Aymà Competition. Minors and adults

The competition school reference in Catalonia for players who are wanted to initiate in the world of the competition and to all those that already they compete, to these last ones offers a strict pursuit them in coordination professionals of coaching sport, the nutrition and physical preparation, by means of an evolutionary pursuit with meticulous information and customized videos of the player.

Organization of events

After several years experience in the organization and management of events of pádel, we offer a service of quality, taking care of the details, generating confidence and always looking for to guarantee the satisfaction of the Brands, Players, Sponsors and clubs.

Types of events:
Matches ready to use, Circuits, Clinics, exhibitions, days of team working


The mental training as much acquires a fundamental importance for players in competition as also in the formation of players in the basic schools.

The learning of techniques of concentration, relaxation, activation, visualization and breathing along with exercises of decision making, control of the internal dialogue, assertive communication, are among others, tools fundamental to be able to secure the wished objectives, to be successful in the sport race as also in the personal development of the player
From the academy we offer the following services:
Conferences and factories, Courses of formation and customized pursuit of the player.

For more information: coaching@boyarick.net

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